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Systems = Freedom

Why would you want to to make your procedures streamlined, consistent and compliant?

  1. Freedom for your team to create their own set of standards and own them.
  2. Freedom for you and time for you to spend growing your business.
  3. Systems manage people and make discussions around
    conduct easier, E.g “Did you follow the system”?… “Why not”  rather than “I don’t want to tell you again about
    shampooing our clients”.

Have you experienced any of these challenges?

  1. Do all your staff use different amounts of product each time they service a client?
  2. Do you find some staff up sell better then others?
  3. Do you spend lots of time training new staff?
  4. Do you feel like you spend all day answering questions that staff should already know the answer to?

Why would you want to to make your procedures streamlined, consistent and compliant?

National and Global Award Winning hair salon whose mission is to ensure life changing magic happens when you step through their doors. However, previous to their award success, Director, Anita Bowe recalls that the salon was on a slow burn with constant fires needing attending to and never having the time to efficiently and effectively grow the salon.

It was at this point that Anita realised they were just winging it when it came to their systems and processes, there was a LOT of paper and huge filing cabinets were taking up way too much valuable real estate within the salon that could have been utilised better.



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