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Looking to Improve your Time Management on Tasks?

Meet Tabitha & her baby – ‘Wild Earth Medicine’

Tabitha Sticovich, owner of Wild Earth Medicine believes that her business gives a service like no other, a quality every business aims to have. She cannot compare her business to another as there is no one Tabitha is aware of who offers the same services. Tabitha has very high standards and huge goals, stating “if you dream, why not dream the biggest you can. There are no limits.”  If Tabitha had 1 month left to live, and was forced to read a book, she would dedicate her time to reading ‘A course in Miracles’ by Dr. Helen Schucman. A must read, she reckons.

Tabitha aims to be better and do better for her daughter. She is inspired by her on a daily basis.

  • Wild Earth Medicine Australia (WEMA), physically, spiritually & emotionally supports independent age care clients by providing in-home massage, meditation & personalised yoga.

Prior to KCS, Tabitha had no systems in place, and wasn’t working with anyone to assist them with this pivotal role in the business.  WEMA came to KCS seeking advice on their systems and processes, wanting them to be more streamlined and organised.


Systems Challenges

Prior to KCS coming on board, WEMA were struggling with three main challenges in their business;

  • Invoicing was time consuming & tedious – If your invoicing becomes time consuming, you stand the risk of late payments. This could be paying your staff late, your suppliers or any stakeholder involved in your business. The time spent on invoicing also reduces your time spent on strategic tasks and other crucial operations you should be getting to. In addition, if you don’t have a proper system in place for your invoicing, this results in disorganisation of papers and / or mails, leading to supplier enquiries or interest payments having to be made at later stages. Without WEMA having a proper system in place for their invoicing, which KCS helped provide, there were too many standalone systems and disorganisation.
  • General systems were a tad messy – Before KCS implemented a rigorous structure for WEMA, they found themselves with numerous systems which were ‘out of whack’ and a little ‘everywhere’. Having a proper process in place for all your systems, helps to create organisation, better communication channels and overall higher productivity.
  • Administrative tasks were time consuming – Admin can always be time consuming. Especially if you’re old school and you have to sift through papers or file them! Our advice to you is AUTOMATE!


Top 3 reasons for making KCS their choice

Tabitha was first referred to Krystle through the ASBAS program, where she had a mutual connection. The connection spoke highly of Krystle’s services, and so naturally Tabitha trusted KCS and was inclined to use us.  Prior to this meeting, WEMA had employed another company who wasn’t as on par as KCS aims to be. This company charged almost the same rates as KCS, yet did no actual work in creating any significant changes to the WEMA systems and processes.


WEMA’s Transformational Experience with KCS

Tabitha tells us how with Krystle & KCS’ help, it was extremely easy and seamless to get started with the transformation of Wild Earth Medicine Australia’s systems.

Prior to KCS implementing a productive system and showing WEMA the “organisational ropes”, Tabitha was challenged with WEMA’s software. Post KCS support, the software which Tabitha uses is now clear and easy to follow. However, unfortunately due to the unique nature of WEMA as a business, some goals were not achieved due to the limitations with the software, yet KCS did their best and made these as clear and easy as possible as they could from their side.

As mentioned earlier, prior to KCS, Tabitha had only had false promises from the businesses she had engaged. KCS was different in such a way that we actually did the work we promised we would and as we always strive to do. It’s how you build trust, loyalty and simply put, an ethical business. KCS came up with solutions to WEMA’s challenges and problems, and kept in contact with any changes, updating them throughout the entire process. Another differing point Tabitha experienced was how we requested her input along the way. This is to ensure she could make the best decisions for WEMA as a business and herself as the business owner.

Tabitha’s favourite feature after implementing the systems which KCS promised, is the simple fast invoicing! KCS managed to work fast, efficiently and in a timely manner, which provided an overall positive experience for Tabitha. We also were able to provide extra solutions to problems which Tabitha previously didn’t have answers or explanations for.  So much so that Tabitha and WEMA have returned to KCS for more systems support!



WEMA’s results from engaging KCS

KCS has helped to regain time which is very valuable when operating a new business such as WEMA. As an entrepreneur there are only so many hours in a day and KCS has given Tabitha back many of them to work on other areas that allow for continual, transformational and ultimately successful growth!

Since KCS has helped with WEAM’s systems, they have seen their weekly invoicing decrease from 1.5 hours to 30 minutes which is a drastic impact.  Tabitha states that she would recommend Krystle and KCS based on the fact that, 

KCS has numerous benefits to their services they provide. One of the many are their great solutions. They also offer real help, clear and concise answers to problems and a spreadsheet to keep and refer back to covering all the changes and how to best use the features.”

Tabitha would recommend KCS’ system implementation, based on the fact that outsourcing saves time to hire professionals.

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