Case Study

Are you using your systems to their full advantage?

The team over at Digital Surfer wasn’t and really didn’t know how “quality systems” could benefit their business long term.

We all go into business knowing our trade intimately with grand ideas of being our own boss, having the freedom to take a day off and most importantly, spending quality time with those we love and cherish.  This is exactly what Peter and Renee Curran set out to achieve from day 1 when they started their Digital Agency “Digital Surfer” but quickly came to realise that it’s just not that easy.  Endless “To-Do” lists, training staff, keeping staff happy, servicing clients, getting new clients, keeping clients happy, can you relate?  When they engaged a business coach to help them uncover the challenges that were preventing them from growing, what came to light was that even though they had systems in place, they weren’t using them to the full advantage and didn’t know how they could really benefit the business long term.


Systems Challenges

Many businesses have similar challenges when it comes to their systems and processes and Digital Surfer were no different with their top 3 challenges being experienced including;

  1. Growing business with limited systems in place
  2. Ability for staff to follow the same procedures – accuracy and productivity
  3. No set policies in place

When they really drilled down into their standard operating procedures, they realised no one was following the same procedures which meant productivity varied and accuracy was not guaranteed every time.


Transformational Experience

Once they made the decision to implement change for growth, getting started was easy.  They joined the 12 week “Progressive Business Transformation Program” where weekly sessions provided them the ability to learn and implement systems into their business right then and there.  They found the information relevant to their business, easy to understand and valuable in increasing the productivity of systemisation within Digital Surfer.  They now have solid systems including comprehensive policies and procedures for their team to follow, enabling Renee & Pete more time as they are not wasting it answering questions.


Discovering Digital Surfers DNA

Whilst businesses as a whole function similarly, just like being a human, our businesses are all unique and made up of individual DNA that makes them grow.  When Pete & Renee took the time to learn their systems and implement policies and procedures, it provided Digital Surfer with;

  • Increased Clarity and Consistency of staff output 
  • Increased productivity by at least 35%
  • More time for them to work “On” the business rather than always “In” the business
  • Given them approximately 10-12 hours MORE per week

They continue to review and revise their procedures and are now using their systems to their full advantages which proves that making the time to learn something new can make a huge impact on your business even if you can’t see how at the start.

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