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Life by Design

Spontaneity is defined as ‘a sudden impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus.’ Simply put, spontaneity is getting up and doing something with little thinking.

Sasha Corris is one of our “Improvement Strategists” here at KCS who has never tried to be spontaneous. It has always just happened. Having an open heart to opportunity has allowed her to experience life to the fullest these past 10 years and recently was no different. On a random Friday Sasha had a random conversation with a friend about the Maldives, on Saturday they booked, on Wednesday they left. Working at KCS provides her with the work-life balance which enables her to continue her spontaneity. As long as Sasha has her bruised and battered laptop, WiFi and own personal time, she is as productive ever, if not more!

The moment Sasha’s path collides with KCS

Sasha graduated from Bond University in 2020 where she was required to do an internship to complete it. However, due to COVID-19, she was caught at home in South Africa and completing an internship remotely is not usually an easy thing for a business to offer.  However, this put Krystle and KCS directly in Sasha’s spontaneous path where her short internship turned into a full time position. She has 

⇨ Made mistakes, Krystle has taught her

⇨ Had successes, Krystle has congratulated her

Krystle has enabled Sasha to grow at her own pace yet somehow pushing her from behind the whole way, almost like a shadow that she didn’t always know was there. This shadow of hope provides her with the perfect work-life balance that helps her to be most productive. Sure, working from her “home office” is great. But personally, Sasha finds that life can get distracting. At home she has to run to the doctor or go get groceries or do the daily “routine” jobs we all so love to do! Her spontaneous adventures (AKA life admin) which Krystle more than approves of, allows her the quiet space and time she needs to be creative.


Creating Space Creates Creativity

When Sasha was in the Maldives, she was literally stuck on an island. COVID-19 is still very much prevalent in our world and it is no different in the Maldives. You arrive at the airport, you take a boat to your island, you stay there for two weeks. You sit, swim, tan, relax in your piece of sand. You are not allowed to go between islands as the country is in lockdown and some activities are limited. This meant Sasha had 12 days of her creative mind to take in its surroundings and brainstorm some exciting ideas. If she didn’t have a leader like Krystle, or if she didn’t work at a company like KCS she would more than likely be stifled in a 4×4 cubicle block pumping out stale ideas and not growing. To hold true to her nature, one of Sasha’s spontaneous bucket list activities was to swim with sharks and swim with sharks she did!

Creating Space Creates Productivity

While Sasha was in the Maldives, Krystle would often say “We are fighting”, simply meaning, she was jealous, she wished she could be there right beside her! Sasha’s response was always, “Don’t be! I’m more productive”, which is true. She created content she never would have if she hadn’t gone to the Maldives. Sasha also loves photography and being there allowed her to get the photos and edit them, some are in this blog, as well as more blogs to come and a series of social media posts and ideas we are working on.



Creating Space Creates Appreciation

Sasha (And Krystle) has always had a love for the outdoors, for the ocean, for fresh air, for nature, for the stars, for Gods’ creation. Being in that environment and working in that environment brings out the best in them as individuals and as employees. They always say a happy employee is a productive employee and we couldn’t agree more. When we are grateful for the life we have been given and enjoy our surroundings, we have that little extra energy to go the extra mile, as anyone would – it’s human nature. Sitting on our patio with the wind on her skin, listening to the waves, Sasha found she would lose track of time writing down ideas, looking for content, creating posts and developing systems. She had no responsibilities on her mind – other than work and what bikini she was going to wear…. What a life!


Cheers to Life by Design which refers to how you live your life and how you enjoy it. Here at KCS Krystle has always incorporated this philosophy into her company. That is why she has a team working all over the world, giving their best, day in and day out. Krystle has a team that trusts her and who she trusts. She helps them grow independently yet they know if they fall she is right there to catch them, that safety net is always right there, encouraging them to freely develop new ideas, new systems and create something that transforms the way we do business.

Finally, a good work-life balance is critical for your staff! If you haven’t already come to this conclusion yourself after reading this blog, we’ll tell you again – happy employees are productive employees! Give your employees the space to grow and be productive. Allow them freedom to experience life and in turn they will give you their best.

They will do their best, ensuring you give them a little rest!

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