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Are Your Business Systems Scalable?

Menucha Monuments are in the business of honouring and respecting our loved ones by erecting superior monuments over the grave of our departed.  They function at multiple different cemeteries and provide services to individuals and communities. Until we worked closely with them to transform their business systems for business growth, we would not have guessed the sheer amount of love, detail and tasks that go into making sure monuments are built with solid foundations that withstand the test of time.  In essence, monuments are the same as systems, with no solid foundation to stand on, they will crumble and fall.

Systems Challenges

Hanna & David (Menucha Monuments Founders & Directors) came to KCS with the all too familiar feeling of overwhelm when it came to their business systems.  They had too many different programs which created general disorganization between the team including the fact that every individual was utilizing them in various different ways and some not at all.  

When they took time out of their extremely time poor days, they realised in a flash that some tasks that should be simple and straightforward, staff were spending way too long on, and it quickly became evident that their day to day processes were pure chaos even with programs like trello and google in place.  They loved the idea of organizing their systems with a sophisticated project management tool but found the hardest part was navigating all the options out there and there was no unbiased consensus on which tool to use.  With the growth they were experiencing, it also meant that they couldn’t put all their customers aside to try and develop something themselves.  The flexibility of options and the willingness of KCS to provide solutions based on their needs that actually solved their problems with confidence was very rewarding.


Transformational Experience

Once Menucha Monuments cut through the noise of all the other programs by starting with understanding what problems they were facing, they could then take the logical next step with an ideal business tool that conceptually works and sounds really good and orchestrating it in a way that actually worked for their business.

Initially they experienced all the normal fear that comes with spending time and money on your business;

⇨ Difficulty committing to new software, opening it and knowing how to navigate and use it 

⇨ Overarching feeling of “this is not going to work and it just doesn’t get our business”

⇨ This is great for everyone else but it’s not going to work for us (David was more or less holding his breath to see if it was going to work)

⇨ It was difficult to start seeing the light and there were times that they were going to give up even though they’d paid for it and put hours and hours of work into it

⇨  They were just waiting for it to fizzle out and unfortunately that would have been very bad

What got them through?  

⇨ Having weekly access to the expertise that KCS offers

⇨ Regular conversations imbuing confidence in them and the tool

⇨ Having the gumption to persevere and push through the hard parts with positivity


Although you may think a system or process is working for you right now, generally what we experience here at KCS is that it’s just not scalable and it’s not going to support you and your business to grow.  This is what eventually made Hanna and David realise that with time, effort and an open mind, reengineering how their business functioned meant that the digital tool they’d settled on could actually be the answer to all their problems.  


Discovering Menucha Monuments DNA

Like any new systems, David and Hanna feel this has been an important step in organisation and scalability but will always be a work in progress.  It has provided centralisation for their dispersed team and overall efficiency for the business.  

⇨ There is an ease of getting things in and out of the system quicker

⇨ There is more transparency because everyone uses the same tool with the same expectations

⇨ Everyone can see what’s going on and the tasks being completed rather than having to chase the information and wait for emails

Discovering their Business DNA has been life changing especially as their communication is now at the next level which they love.


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