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Team Member Discovery – Ann Macuha

Web/UI Designer

Ann is our Web Designer who’s passionate about creating designs and solutions for Web and UI. She finds it challenging but fun at the same time and believes that when we stop learning, we stop growing.

Ann is both creative and technically inclined and able to understand what is needed to make a website that is easy to use but at the same time aesthetically appealing to anyone that encounters her creations.

Career Journey

Ann’s passion for web and UI/UX design was ignited when she was in college and quickly grew to love it to the point where she was responsible for ensuring interfaces were easy to use. The most memorable project which cemented in Ann’s mind that this was the career she wanted to pursue was a contest to create a website for people with disabilities.

Whilst Ann loves her chosen path, like many careers it has its challenges including doubts and obstacles which continually test her and enable her to grow and do the things that excite her the most. The top 2 responsibilities that Ann is most proud of for KCS are;

  1. Create the KCS website from mockup design to a fully functional website built in WordPress
  2. Designing social media posts and other successful marketing materials

Career Transformation

It has been a steep journey for Ann however when she looks back on her path, she is comforted by the fact she has come so far considering she started with no direction. She feels she still has a long way to go with more challenges and growth but her key lessons which have contributed to where she is today include;

  1. Be Positive – Culturally it is well known that we all have a lot of negative thoughts that go round and round in our heads which just don’t help with our energies and emotions. Through her own experiences, Ann has realised that when she is positive, it helps to solve problems and reduce her stress so every day she practices being Positive.
  2. Be Patient – Good things take time. Instead of forcing things to happen, Ann has learned to be more patient with all of her plans and goals in life.

Let’s Get Personal

When Ann is at home, the 3 things that are important to her are;

  1. Family and Love
  2. Career and Passion
  3. Adventure

Adventure allows her to learn, grow and experience new things, witness the beauty our world has to offer and meet extraordinary people. Whether it is 2 days or 2 months, time off provides a relief from day to day stress, makes memories to relive and a space to reset.

Ann’s Vision

With her love of adventure comes the desire to travel and one place she has always wanted to explore is Japan. Ann jumps at every opportunity to learn their language and culture and is amazed at how much comfort their activities and culture bring to her. One day she is hoping that her dreams do come true and actively works towards a future of;

  1. Enhancing and discovering new skills in the field of Front-End Web Development
  2 Continually making plans and goals for her future of travel and adventure

Whether we like it or not, challenges are part of our life. It may frustrate us and provide an easy out but Ann truly believes that life is boring when we live in our comfort zone. Eventually, in the end, those challenges will become easy because we already conquered them. We just have to be patient and positive in life because it is inevitable that we grow when we face them head on.

At KCS we’ve transformed the way we do business by having an inspirational team in multiple countries.  If you’d like to know more about how to be involved with our journey, connect here to learn more.

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Ari Candra Rahmanaga
September 13, 2020 11:40 pm

Nice post, thanks for sharing.