Case Study

Do you keep all your business stuff in your head?

Find out how Avanti Bookkeeping organised their customers and staff and doubled their business.



Nicole Clemow is the daughter of a tradie who knows that getting your numbers right is one of the keys to business’ success. Through her bookkeeping business, Avanti Bookkeeping, she also knows that the other key to success is solid systems. So when she decided it was time to take her business to the next level, numbers weren’t a problem, the challenge lied within her systems, or lack thereof because EVERYTHING lived in her head.

Systems Challenges

Like any small business owner, we feel like we have to be everything to everyone and when it comes to the tools we utilise, we tend to gravitate towards what we already know, like and trust.  Now given the majority of current business owners grew up in a time when computers were just starting to trend and Word, Excel,  Notepads and Outlook were the “IN” thing, that is the easiest and simplest way for us to get our business functioning and Nicole was no different.

When she analysed how Avanti Bookkeeping functioned, she realised the majority of “Doing” in her business was done on spreadsheets, emailing tasks and writing notes in word to remind herself of what needed to be done each day.  This meant that organising client tasks, figuring out what tasks to send to her employees to do and keeping up with what needed to be done each day and by whom, was not efficient or effective and was actually stunting the growth of the business.


Transformational Experience

When we start the systemising process with all our clients, we like to understand “WHY” they want to systemise.  

  • What does it feel like when your business is systemised?  
  • How will it change your business? 
  • When will you know it has been achieved?


KCS worked with Avanti Bookkeeping over a 6 month program and Nicole was successfully able to:

⇓ Reduce their stress
⇑ Increase their clients / profits
⇒ Rely on digital tools to do the work instead of their heads



Discovering Avanti Bookkeeping’s DNA

Avanti Bookkeeping implemented 3 key Digital Tools which pathed the way to their business transformation:

1. DNA Roadmap

The roadmap allowed Nicole to have a big picture view of what software, policies and procedures the business needed to function day in and day out.  This also acts as a solid foundation to track documents especially if you are thinking about getting your business ISO qualifications.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is the 21st century version of a filing cabinet.  As long as the foundations are systemised with folder structures and naming conventions that make sense to your business, this can be a powerful tool.  If set up properly, your documents can be quickly accessible, never lost in the deep dark depths of too many clicks and easily searchable.  If there is no thought process put into the foundations then it can also be the proverbial pain in the backside for you and your team.

3. Asana

Asana is the ideal project management tool for those of us that are deemed to be logical thinkers.  It is valuable to send tasks to your employees, keep you on top of your deadlines and be an internal communication area thus removing the need for thousands of one line emails.

If you feel like you are more of a creative thinker then Trello would be a better option for your business.  

If you have a diverse team of thinkers or are preparing for growth, then ClickUp is the ultimate project management tool which enables each user to tailor their account to work for them and the way they think and process.


Systemising your business doesn’t have to be hard or complex, often the best solutions are simple and easy to use no matter what level of tech experience you and your team have.  

Do you need to get everything out of your head to allow your business to reach the next level?  Connect with us to see if KCS fits with your business and can systemise your world for transformation.

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