20 Tips to Promote Growth in 2020

As we near the end of 2019, not only are we saying goodbye to another year but in fact we are saying goodbye to an entire decade!  This has empowered us here at KCS to reflect on what we have implemented and achieved in the last decade and how those successes have pathed our way to exactly where we are today!  With that in mind, we wanted to provide 20 tips that have helped not only KCS but all of our clients successfully make change, transform their businesses and grow!

Time Management Tips

1. Audit your time 

This will provide a greater insight into where your time is being spent and where you can implement steps to manage your time better.

Rescue Time is a great free digital tool which can support you in this tip.

2. Chunk your time

By clumping your time into achieving tasks of a similar nature, you start to shorten the amount of time taken to complete activities.

3. Create an ideal week

When you know what you want your week to look like, it gives you something to actively work towards instead of being reactive to your tasks and priorities.

If you need a template to help with this tip, check out our Self-Guided Programs.

4. Track your time 

Habits take time to implement and become efficient and effective so by tracking your days, it will support you to make better decisions with managing your time.

Toggl is a great free digital tool which can support you in this tip.

Goal Setting Tips

5. Define the theme/s for the year

Is your year going to be about … Growing; Selling; Increasing brand awareness etc.  By defining the theme, this will help you govern your goals for the next 12 months.

6. Set your goals 

To ensure your themes are successful, what goals do you need to set up?  Plan your business goals like you would a holiday!

7. Create the steps 

Now you know where you are going, how are you going to get there?  What do you need to do along the way to succeed? By creating the exact steps required, you are removing the chances of going round and round in circles.

8. Build a timeline

Implement a realistic timeline which includes responsibilities and accountabilities so everyone knows what the expectations are each quarter and can make them part of their weekly and daily plans.

If you need a template to help with these Goal Setting Tips, check out our Self-Guided Programs.

Software Tips

9. Audit your software 

By auditing your software, you are ensuring it is still solving all your challenges and reviewing whether anything needs to be updated or changed.

10.  Research other software 

Every month there is new software being created which could be the answer to some of your current challenges or save you money.  Why not take a few hours to see what’s out there?

11. Audit your software financials

Because there is loads of new software and we tend to listen to our peers and buy software that we may not need it’s always a good idea to run a report in your financial software and see where your money is being spent.  

12. Plan and train for new software

If you do want new software to solve your business challenges, always create a plan, implement it in stages and train your key stakeholders to set everyone up for success and engagement.

Procedure Tips

13. Build a “Business Roadmap”

(If you don’t already have one) which tracks all the standard operating procedures that your business could, should and would have by the end of 2020.

14. Review your current procedures

This should be done at least every 2 years if not annually and ensures they are still accurate and providing a high quality output for your business.

15. Assess gaps and write new procedures

Once you have your roadmap and current procedures, it should be very clear on where gaps exist within your business processes and allow you to plan and write new procedures to continue to capture as much information as possible.

16. Create templates

 If you have processes, emails, checklists etc that you use more then once (For your team, product or clients – anything really) then create templates that can be copied and re-used.  This will ensure the same high quality output each use, cut down on wasted time re-creating the same thing and 

If you need a template to help with these Procedure Tips, check out our Self-Guided Programs.

Team Tips

17. Connect with each individual

It has surely been a HUGE year for you, your business and each of your team members!  Now is the time to re-connect, debrief their year and set goals and new expectations for the year to come.

18. Build individual ideal weeks

Just like you need an ideal week so do your team.  It helps them stay aligned and have something to aim for personally. 

19. Skills Development

Find out what your employees want to be doing with their life both personally and professionally and build that into their career path with your business.  Look at what courses (Internal and external) they can do and what events they can attend to help them achieve these and plan it into personal and business budgets and timelines.

20. Introduce your team to the world

Your team work hard to ensure your product / service, clients and business are always successful.  A great way to celebrate all their phenomenal work is to write a blog about them and introduce them to the world!  It’s also a new piece of content you can add into your marketing strategy! Win-Win!

If you need a template to help with these Team Tips, check out our Self-Guided Programs.

Bring on the next decade… Bring on 2020

These very tips have transformed the way we do business by having our own solid systems and processes and an inspirational team in multiple countries.  We have then turned our successes into realistic products / services that have enabled us to implement them into other businesses and promote growth time and time again.

If you aren’t sure where to start, take our “Rate your Systems” test to identify your unique foundations and uncover the missing links that will help you promote growth for your business in 2020!

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