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Team Member Discovery – Krystle Divertie

Founder and Organisation Queen of KCS, Krystle has a diverse career path which individually makes no sense but when you put them all together, they just seem to work.

Career Journey


Krystle has had quite a varied career path which if you look at each one individually just don’t add up but when you put all of them together, they have bought Krystle to the very point of KCS she’s in right now.

Krystle gave herself the goal that once finished her Science Degree majoring in Marine Biology and Zoology, she would travel the world and expand her life knowledge rather then her book knowledge.  She said goodbye to her family in 2004 for a quick 12 month trip around the globe and 10 years later (And many countries later) decided she had achieved her life experience goals (For now) and was ready to jump back into the books.  

The majority of her travels centred around kids in different countries so she continued down that path of becoming an outdoor education teacher back on home turf in Australia.  This led to managing an outdoor education company where she quickly realised that supporting someone else’s dream was not supporting her own so went about finding a high paid venture to do so.  Krystle’s path then took a right hand turn where she became a HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) Advisor in remote Aussie mines which provided a high income and enabled her to start her first passion business, COOEE Consultants.  

COOEE Consultants was a continuation of the experiential learning she’d gathered during her outdoor ed years only this time she focused those skills with Adults.  And if you don’t know it already, adults are hard work when they have an ego to go with their career (Which most of us do). During the bends and curves of this business path, Krystle immersed herself in a business education program and what came to light was that COOEE wasn’t her all time number one passion and strength, but systems and processes were and thus was born KCS.

Transformational Lessons


Sometimes we forget to celebrate our wins and the truly amazing person we’ve become throughout our journey on Earth.  The top 3 key lessons that have contributed to where Krystle is today include;

Lesson #1 – So many people are afraid of asking questions as it may make them look silly or stupid but Krystle believes that if you if you don’t ask, you’ll never know and the worst that can happen is the answer is “No”.   So break out of your comfort bubble and ask those questions, it can only ever lead to learning and growth.

Lesson #2 – Keeping in line with asking questions, if people can understand the “Why” behind something then they are more likely to jump on board whatever it is you are trying to convey to them.  So try and help those you come into contact with each day to understand your why’s, no matter how small or large they may be!

Lesson #3 – Trust in your intuition.  In today’s world of constant noise, it is very easy to drown out the essence of who we are and not listen to those voices, nudges, signs that intuitively point us in the direction we are meant to be going.  When you can learn how to silence the noise, even just for a few minutes each day, you will surprise yourself in hearing your intuition and how spot on it actually is if you trust it!

Let’s Get Personal


Whilst KCS is a valuable part of who Krystle is, in her personal life she loves to stretch her comfort zones by going on hiking, climbing and diving adventures.  The single focus that is required during these experiences helps Krystle’s mind and body to be quiet and peaceful which feeds her soul.

Reading and lazing on the beach provide a way to relax and unwind from the day to day challenges and her close circle of family and friends provide unconditional love which keeps her shining bright like the rock she was named after.

All of these passions allow her to enable individual amazingness in anyone that crosses her path, even if only for a fleeting moment.

Krystle’s Vision


The future for Krystle is full of out of the box experiences to ensure she never grows old.

Never ending overseas travel to provide continued life experiences, growth and appreciation of the truly amazing things we have in our world.  Finally, the creation of her own little mini-me’s so that her legacy can continue, grow and flourish in the next generation.

At KCS we’ve transformed the way we do business by having an inspirational team in multiple countries.  If you’d like to know more about how to be involved with our journey, connect here to learn more.

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December 5, 2019 12:24 pm

Great article!

November 19, 2020 4:12 pm
Reply to  Anonymous

Love it – I basically did the same thing! Went overseas to travel for 6mths and came home 10yrs later!